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LoveJoy Botanicals is an herbalist operated & owned company with roots in the Pacific Northwest and the Piedmont of North Carolina.  For the past 22 years I have allowed spirit to guide me, especially while connecting with the plants. I am blessed with  innate sensitivity and powerful intuition, which manifests in loving + potent herbal remedies.  I truly believe in the healing power of plants, and am dedicated to crafting local, effective, and earth friendly products. I am deeply honored to offer the purest and most affordable herbal wellness and body care products available. All of my formulations are lovingly hand-made utilizing only the finest quality fresh yarden’ grown, organic, and/ or wildcrafted botanicals.




LoveJoy’s mission is to create and provide pure healing herbal products, while nurturing a connection between people and plants.

      Thank you ever so much for your support ♥     

 I lovingly handcraft your herbal delights by hand  ☼ 

Each herb I work with is included with intention, wisdom, knowledge, and aesthetics in mind.                                                                      

To my beloved community~

These are very challenging times, with much unease and ambiguity about our current circumstances and our future. I am beaming so much love, strength and uplifting energy to each and everyone of you in hopes that you can truly feel at least a moment or two of calm, of hope and of balance~

Despite the need for physical isolation, this is a time to lead with our hearts and keep our collective feet on the ground. Please heed good science and nurture with compassion the bonds and roots that make up our communities. While we may feel apart, we truly are always interconnected.

I know my herbal products are important to your well-being and I am here to support you as always! Feel free to let me know how I can help keep your life healthy and positive~  frances.lovejoybotanicals@gmail.com

Community is the foundation of our resilience ~ Stick Together + Stay Apart  Look for silver linings + bright spots~ They are there for those who seek ♥

Working with the healing plants is my life’s passion. I feel I am a bridge, a conduit, a direct channel for the plants to do their essential healing work. It is with deep gratitude and honor that I continue to nurture their potent and powerful work.  So it is with a humble and honest heart that I reach out to you to offer these beautiful co-created plant remedies.

Ordering is as simple as e mailing me   frances.lovejoybotanicals@gmail.com                                                                                      with the products and quantity you would like.                                                               Minimum order is $50  plus $8 for USPS Priority Shipping.

~~~ For locals in the Newport, Oregon area I offer Front Porch Pick-Up ~~~

I will request payment via PayPal and then ship to you once that is paid.

Currently I ship out on Mondays + Tuesdays ~ 

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 Elderberry Syrup  Powerfully anti-viral~ Prevents respiratory infections as well as prevents and/or shortens duration of illness. No side effects and is safe for pregnancy and children. Crafted from organic Elderberries, Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Rosehips, Astragalus, Calendula,  Cane Sugar and Rum      4 oz bottle  $20 

 Echinacea Tincture   Offers deep Immune support + Helps clear infections.  Crafted from my organic ‘yarden’ grown Echinacea flowers and 75% Rum.   1 oz bottle   $15                                                                                               

Turmeric Golden Mylk   Immune enhancing Anti-Inflammatory Digestive Aid ~ Super easy to make into tea, (just add water or mylk) or add to oatmeal. smoothies, or eat it right off a spoon!  Crafted from Raw Honey, and Turmeric + Ginger + Cinnamon + Coconut Milk + Black Pepper.    2.5 oz jar  $10 

 Fire Cider  A traditional folk cold and flu remedy + preventative. This herbal vinegar tonic is a potent remedy packed full of powerful warming + immune enhancing + circulatory herbs and foods.  It is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and vasodilating. Wonderful treatment for bronchitis, sinusitis, allergies, digestive infections and poor circulation.  Crafted from Organic ingredients / ACV + Fresh Ginger root + Fresh Turmeric Root + Fresh garlic + Fresh Horseradish + Fresh Onion + Fresh Jalapeno Peppers + Fresh Citrus + Fresh Rosemary, Basil, Oregano and Thyme                    4 oz bottle  $20

Ginger Elixir  Supports the Immune + Respiratory + Digestive Systems~ Super tasty! Can be taken as is or made into a comforting toddy. Crafted from Organic Ginger, Brandy + Honey.  4 oz bottle  $20 

Wild Rose Elixir  Rejuvenates + uplifts the spirit~ Essential for anyone with heartache, grief, sadness or depression. Wild Rose restores the light within us and helps create a sense of balance, harmony and well-being. Crafted from fresh Wild Roses + Brandy + Honey.   2 oz bottle  $20

Herbal Rescue Remedy   Calms + soothes stress and anxiety. Like an herbal heart hug~ Blended to elevate the sparkle within. Crafted from all fresh plants of: Tulsi Basil + Wild Roses + Mimosa Blossoms + Motherwort + Brandy + Honey.   1 oz  bottle  $15

 Sweet Sleep Elixir   Settle in for a sweet night’s sleep with this gently sedative + relaxing blend of nervine herbs. Relaxes the body and quiets the mind~ Crafted from wildcrafted + organic yarden grown fresh plants: Lemon Balm + Passionflower + Skullcap + Lavender + Wild Rose + Peach Leaf + California Poppy + Brandy + Rum + Honey  1 oz bottle  $15 

 Digestive Bitters   Largely eliminated from our modern diet, bitters are a cornerstone of traditional eating. They tend the digestive fire, support the liver and help increase the elimination of toxins. Bitters also increase the assimilation of nutrients, and reduce sugar cravings. They are even known to help alleviate depression. Dandelion root is high in Inulin, a natural prebiotic for intestinal flora, which can help heal digestive issues and balance blood sugar.   1 oz bottle  $15   Contraindications ~ Avoid internally during pregnancy due to potential emmenagogue effects                                                                  

C B D Herbal Remedy Kit  Make your own C B D medicine with this easy to use medicine Making Kit. Half an ounce of Organic High C B D Hemp Buds 

                 ( less than .3% THC per Federal legal Limits ) 

in a glass jar ready for you to craft your preferred medicine with easy to follow instructions. You get to choose if you will make a tincture or an elixir. A tincture is an extract of an herb utilizing alcohol. An elixir is an extract of an herb utilizing alcohol + honey. It is a simple process that is truly foolproof! Once finished you will have approximately 8 ozs of High C B D medicine. Compare that with current pricing and you will see that this is a fabulous bargain!  $50 

C B D Tea   Promotes health, healing and relaxation. Improves mood, reduces stress and anxiety, and alleviates pain. Crafted from all Organic plants of: High C B D Hemp + Milky Oats + Tulsi Basil + Wild Roses.   1 oz bag $15  / 10 + cups  Contraindications ~ Avoid internally during pregnancy + breastfeeding

C B D Elixir 
Promotes health, healing and relaxation. Improves mood, reduces stress and anxiety, alleviates pain. Crafted from organic Whole Plant High C B D Hemp Flower Buds, Brandy + Honey. Effective Fast relief~
1 oz bottle  $25  
Contraindications ~ Avoid internally during pregnancy + breastfeeding
C B D Tincture
Promotes health, healing and relaxation. Alleviates pain, improves mood, reduces stress and anxiety. Crafted from organic Whole Plant High C B D Hemp Flower Buds and Puerto Rican 151 Rum.        Effective Fast Relief~  1 oz bottle  $25   
Contraindications ~ Avoid internally during pregnancy + breastfeeding
C B D Oil
Promotes health, healing and relaxation. Reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood, alleviates pain. Crafted from organic Whole Plant High C B D Hemp Flower Buds and Organic liquid MCT Coconut Oil.    Effective Delayed Relief~   1 oz bottle  $25   
Contraindications ~ Avoid internally during pregnancy + breastfeeding
Whole Plant CBD Pain Heal Balm  An incredibly potent synergistic blend of four herbs that target pain and inflammation.  Excellent for arthritis + nerve pain, acute or chronic injuries, pulled muscles + spasms, cramps + general aches.  Crafted from organic high full spectrum CBD Hemp + Comfrey + Eucalyptus + St. Johns Wort  1 oz  Tin $20
Whole Plant CBD Pain Heal Massage Oil  An incredibly potent synergistic blend of four herbs that target pain and inflammation.  Excellent for arthritis + nerve pain, acute or chronic injuries, pulled muscles + spasms, cramps + general aches.  Crafted from organic high full spectrum CBD Hemp + Comfrey + Eucalyptus + St. Johns Wort  1 oz green pump bottle $25
Herbal Smoke Mix   Smoking creates a calm atmosphere  that allows for mindful listening and for magic to unfold~ Smoking this particular herbal blend is relaxing and uplifting. There is good reason why cultures all around the world burn and smoke aromatic plants! The inhalation of smoke is a rapid and effective means of introducing the plant’s gifts to the body. Problems with the digestive system, musculature, headaches, inflammation and immune system afflictions have all been treated with inhalation of plant smoke~ For over 5000 years, people have been using smokable herbs in spiritual, therapeutic & medicinal ceremonies. My sacred healing blend continues this tradition, and contains no synthetic ingredients or tobacco – only organic Oregon grown hemp, organic + wild herbs + botanicals ~ Crafted around grounding, calming, and encouraging an open heart with hemp that contains <0.3% THC  + damiana + mullein + wild roses + uva ursi + yarden grown white sage  1/2 oz Tin  $15 
Tension Tamer Roll-On   Naturally relieves stress, anxiety and headaches. Simply roll on to wrists, shoulders, temples or back of neck to relieve tension.  Crafted from organic witch hazel + aloe vera + rose flower water and a
proprietary blend of essential oils  1/3oz roller bottles  $10
Lavender Lotion Bar   Fresh yarden grown lavender is infused into organic sunflower and coconut oil for a full moon cycle then strained and blended with organic shea, mango, and cocoa butter to produce this deep healing bar. If you haven’t used one before, all you need to do is hold it in your hands, and as it warms, melt it onto any areas of your body that need soothing or protecting. It offers long lasting protection for dry, cracked or callused areas, and helps bring relief to painful muscles or joints. Keep this one handy and enjoy the luxurious experience whenever you need some extra care. Great for gardeners or anyone who over uses their hands on a daily basis. Hand Sanitizer much??   2oz bar $20
Rose Quartz Heart Balm   For years now I have been potentizing my Wild Rose remedies with Rose Quartz spheres. The synergistic healing that is produced with Wild Rose + Rose Quartz is hard to put into words, yet definitely can be felt. This lovely balm can be used for healing by rubbing the Rose Quartz onto your heart center, or massage it into any skin challenged area, or any body area that needs some extra love ~ Rose Quartz is a gentle reminder of the Universal Love available to all of us, and the peace and harmony that results in our lives when we love ourselves and others. Like Wild Rose, Rose Quartz has a calming effect helping to reduce stress and dissolve and release emotional pain in the heart center so we can replace it with feelings of love and self worth. It helps us express our feelings with strength as it enhances self confidence and creativity.  ♥  Crafted from wild roses, vanilla beans, and rose quartz crystals slow infused in organic sunflower + coconut oils + organic cocoa butter + beeswax + shea butter + benzoin resin + jasmine essential oil~ 1.5 oz Tin $20
Wild Rose Facial Tonic  + Wild Rose Facial Serum   Purely crafted from wild roses, these botanical products are designed to be used together to encourage soft radiant skin, while nurturing the emotional heart. Topically, Rose rejuvenates, hydrates, balances skin tone, nourishes and enhances skin health, calms irritation, reduces inflammation, and in doing so, slows the aging process. The benefits you receive from adding these botanical delights into your skin care regime will be more than skin deep. Rose can uplift your feelings of self-worth and enhance your emotional comfort. These  products can be used for other challenged skin areas also; burns, rashes, wounds,  etc…   
Wild Rose Facial Tonic is crafted from Wild Rose Blossom ( Rosa rugosa ) infused Organic Aloe Gel + Wild Rose Flower Water + Wild Rose infused Witch Hazel + Wild Rose Flower Essence  packaged in   1 oz Glass Spray Bottle  $10 
Wild Rose Facial Serum is crafted from Wild Rose Blossom( Rosa rugosa ) infused Organic Jojoba + Sunflower Oil +  Rose Hip Seed Oil + Vitamin E Oil packaged in  1/2 oz Glass Dropper Bottle  $10
Wild Weed Skin Healing Balm   This super quick healing herbal salve is one I carry with me everywhere. It is anti-bacterial + anti-fungal and can be used safely anywhere on the body. The herbs deeply nourish the skin while healing it too. Comfrey leaf is a mainstay in my skin products. She is a vulnerary, which means she speeds the healing process ( more than any other herb I know! )  Calendula is another mainstay herb for my skin care products as she is also a vulnerary and is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti fungal. Plantain is anti-septic and can draw out infection while healing. Lavender, Yarrow and Rosemary are all around super skin healing herbs, and like all the others are safe for use on all skins. Combined together,  these herbs create a potent skin salve that will help to heal topical: cuts, rashes, blisters, fungus, blemishes, bruises, swelling, scars, abrasions, dry itchy cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis, wounds, insect bites etc….  1 oz Tin $10
Wild Rose Lip Oil  Nourishing + Hydrating + Softening ~ Crafted from wild rose + vanilla infused organic oils of jojoba + coconut + sunflower + alkanet root powder  5 ml glass roller bottle $10
Wild Rose Lip Butter Nourishing +  Hydrating + Softening ~ Crafted from fresh wild roses + comfrey + st. johns wort + cocoa butter + coconut + sunflower oil + beeswax + rosehip seed oil + rosemary antioxidant + alkanet root powder  1/3 oz tube $5
Minimum order is $50
plus $8 for USPS Priority Shipping.
For locals in the Newport, Oregon area I  offer Front Porch Pick-Up
With much love and prayers for continued strength + Immunity!





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