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I am both humbled and delighted to share this good news ♥  My Tea Jam won Overall Best Product at the AHG Symposium! ♥ I was truly so overcome with surprise that I went out into the night full of stars and had a grateful cry ♥  Here is some information about this lovely winner of a product!  ~

Supremely anti-inflammatory, both turmeric and ginger are excellent digestive aids, along with possessing immune enhancing, anti-oxidant, and gentle detoxifying properties. Those are just a few of the many health benefits! Actual books have been written on both of these herbs and their healing abilities. I utilize fresh roots of these plants as often as possible in my food and drinks, yet when they are out of season, or when I am traveling or just for the ease of use,  Tea Jam is a very convenient product.  Crafted from organic turmeric powder   ( Curcuma longa ) organic ginger powder ( Zingiber officinale ) organic coconut milk powder ( Cocos nucifera )  raw honey and organic black pepper ( Piper nigrum ). The pepper, and fat from the coconut milk allow the medicinal benefits of these herbs to be much more bio-available. Use approximately 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of Tea Jam in one cup of hot water or hot milk of your choice. Stir well and enjoy! Tea Jam can also be eaten as a spread on toast, crackers or scones. My favorite current use is to stir a teaspoon full into my hot oatmeal in the morning. What a nourishing way to begin the day ♥

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LoveJoy Botanicals is an herbalist operated & owned company with roots in the Pacific Northwest and the Piedmont of North Carolina. For the past 20 years we have built a reputation for integrity and value while maintaining our roots in traditional healing.  We truly believe in the healing power of plants, and are dedicated to crafting earth friendly products. We are deeply honored to offer the purest and most affordable herbal wellness and body care products available. All of our formulations are lovingly hand-made utilizing only the finest quality fresh botanicals.


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To create and provide pure healing herbal products, while nurturing a connection between people and plants.

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