lovejoy botanicals herbal pop-up bundle


Herbal Pop-Up Bundles contain herbal products that I have lovingly crafted from wild and/or organically cultivated plants. A detailed product sheet with educational information, recipes and/or ideas, is included with each bundle.

Thank you so much for your trust in me and the plants that I am blessed and  delighted to work and play with~   I am truly honored to share my knowledge,  wisdom, and creative gifts with you and your loved ones. The magical mexican moonlight collection is my 31st Herb Bundle ♥  This collection is sure to delight and uplift!



Please contact me if you want or need more info. [email protected]

I thank you for your interest and support~

Thank you for your interest in my Herbal Pop-Up. The magical mexican moonlight bundle is now SOLD OUT ~ ☼ Thank you so much for your interest and support~ I am already musing the next bundle from my dreams ~