lovejoy botanicals herbal pop-up bundle


Each Herbal Pop-Up Bundle contains herbal products that I have lovingly crafted from wild and/or organically cultivated plants. A detailed product sheet with educational information, recipes and/or ideas is included with each herb bundle.

Thank you so much for your trust in me and the plants that I am blessed and delighted to work and play with~   I am truly honored to share my knowledge,  wisdom, and creative gifts with you and your loved ones. The Wild Rose Herbal Pop-Up Bundle will be my 25th Herb Bundle ♥  The Wild Roses that bloom so beautifully and abundantly here on the Oregon Coast are an absolute wonder to behold, and to make medicine with. Phenomenally healing on every level, Wild Rose is sure to delight and uplift.


Please contact me if you want or need more info.

I thank you for your interest and support~

Thank you for your interest in our Herbal Pop-Up. Our Wild Rose Pop-Up Bundle is being prepared now from the beautiful and bountiful blossoms that began opening just last month!! Thank you for your patience as we prepare this exquisite Bundle for you!