October 2015 herbal CSA / Nourish + Protect

September, 2015 herbal CSA: rose
September, 2015 herbal csa: rose

It is with true delight that I introduce my Community Supported Apothecary.

This has been a dream of mine for many years and I am honored to share my knowledge, evolving wisdom and creative gifts. Last month was our first offering and we quickly Sold Out, so if this is something you want to support, please click the link and order today, or very soon 😉

October 2015 is the second month of herbal CSA’s and we are intent on keeping you and your loved ones healthy this coming season!

Nourish + Protect is our focus and we already have a few of the goodies ready to bottle.

~ 2 oz. Elderberry + Cherry Elixir  ~ 2 oz. Fire Cider ~ 1 oz Herbal Salve and then there are 2 other herbal delights we are still formulating!  Details soon.