~ Herbal Pop-Up Bundles ~

We joyfully offer you this opportunity to connect more directly with the healing plants ~ By purchasing Our Herbal Bundles you are helping to support the traditional use of medicinal plants and the creative, sustainable, + nourishing work we do.


                The Forest Blossom magic is SOLD OUT ~

Please check back in 2022 for our next Bundle offering

            An empowering  collaboration with my beloved Wild Roses and the uplifting coastal Redwood

☼ It is such a pleasure and a delight for me to create these herbal beauties and to offer them to you.  This bundle is a sweet collaboration of my beloved wild roses and our coastal redwood, Sequoia sempervirens~ Such a lovely pair they make! The energetics of the ancient wisdom that the trees offer along with the beauty and heart opening energy of the wild roses feels truly exquisite.


☼ What a gift to be connected with such beauty ☼ 


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Six years ago I created a dream come true, and began  an Herbal CSA.  It is a genuine delight.  I have  been nourished and nurtured  by the healing  plants that I have been able to play with, and also by the lovely people who have trusted me and supported me in my mission to live a more creatively abundant herbal life!

I have been an Herbalist and Herbal Medicine maker since 1999.  In 2015 I began offering my LoveJoy Herbal CSA.  Each month I was blessed with the opportunity to provide my customers with healing, uplifting, nurturing and delicious herbal remedies, and body care delights. After a year of monthly bundles I switched to a Seasonal offering, and in 2020 I switched to a more sustainable pace of offering Herb Bundles as the plants and I are ready.  Thank you for your patience and understanding~ 

 ☼  Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience  ☼ 


There are a very limited number of these

Herbal Pop-Ups  available, so please order ASAP  ☼

 *  order below * free shipping * makes a lovely gift *

Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail and the Bundles will begin to be shipped on  November 19th ~

Treat yourself, and while you’re at it why don’t you treat a loved one too? Shipping is always Free, and I can even include a special message and send it to your loved one for you.

  Thank you to all who have already ordered.  I am delighted and humbled at the supportive response! You are helping to make my dreams come true ♥

♥ My heart is blooming full of gratitude for each and everyone of you ♥

Please note that all herbal knowledge I share is educational in nature.  I do not treat disease or prescribe herbs. The FDA has not evaluated anything I have said. What I share comes from a combination of research, apprenticeship, study and direct experience with the plants.

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