Four years ago I finally created one of my dreams come true, and began this monthly Herbal CSA bundle. It has been a true delight. I have been nourished and nurtured by the abundant plants I have been able to play with, and also by the lovely people who have trusted me and supported me in my mission to live a more creatively abundant herbal life! My heart is blooming full of gratitude for each and everyone of you ♥

LoveJoy offers a seasonal herbal CSA focusing on the wild and organically grown local plants of the Central Oregon Coast. Four times a year ( Spring Equinox + Summer Solstice + Autumn Equinox + Winter Solstice ) I ship out, or offer local pick up of my wild bundles. Four or five thoughtfully and lovingly hand crafted herbal delights are bundled up with an educational newsletter that often contains recipes to empower folks to make their own herbal medicine.
I have been an herbalist and herbal medicine maker since 1999.  In 2015 I began offering my LoveJoy CSA.  Each season I am blessed with the opportunity to provide my customers with healing, uplifting, nurturing and delicious herbal remedies, and body care delights.

There are a limited number of shares available, so please order ASAP if you would like to receive this phenomenal bundle of goodies, which is accompanied by an informational sheet on each product and how best to use them.

MARCH 2019 

Spring Equinox Herbal First Aid CSA 

Most of us have bandaged a wound, bathed a scraped knee and kissed away the pain. There are also times when first aid supplies are needed. First aid begins with a calm state of mind, and continues with having on hand prepared supplies. This Herbal First Aid Kit is filled with effective plant remedies that can help you and your loved ones in times of need.

The possibilities of what I will be crafting are:

For scrapes + wounds = Comfrey + Calendula and St. John’s Wort Balm

For aches + pain = Deep heal CBD cream

For stress + anxiety + sleep = Relaxing nervine blend tincture

For Tummy upset + Digestion = Bitters or Digestif Pastilles

For Immune support =  Elderberry tincture

I’m so happy to share this Herbal CSA box with you! Each season I am blessed with the opportunity to provide you with healing, uplifting, nurturing and delicious herbal remedies and body care delights.  And each season I am truly excited to share with you what I am creating.


{ SPRING EQUINOX } Herb Bundle

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Thank you to all who have already ordered.  I am delighted and humbled at the supportive response! You are helping to make my dreams come true ♥

Please note that all herbal knowledge I share is educational in nature.  I do not treat disease or prescribe herbs. The FDA has not evaluated anything I have said. What I share comes from a combination of research, apprenticeship, study and direct experience with the plants.

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