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Includes a 2oz bottle of fresh Lavender Elixir and a hand blown glass jar of Lavender JOY ☼

Both the ELIXIR and the JOY are lovingly handcrafted from fresh sweet lavender blossoms that bloom so abundantly and happily in my coastal ‘yarden’.   

Lavender Elixir is Calming + Centering ~ Soothing + Uplifting ~ Nervous System Restorative ~ Relaxing to the Nervous System while stimulating/uplifting to the spirit, Lavender is one of the best known herbs for uplifting mood. Lavender is known for reducing anxiety, and is helpful for those with insomnia and tension due to stress.  Lavender can also be useful as a pain reliever for folks with tension headaches or migraines. Lavender helps relax spasms, improves digestion, and is useful for those who are wound up tight. For those who feel sad, frustrated and anxious, lavender is naturally anti-depressant. I carry a bottle with me and find taking a dropperful when feeling fearful, stressed or anxious truly helps my body and soul to relax.                              Contraindications ~ Avoid internally during pregnancy due to potential emmenagogue effects. 

Lavender JOY   Fresh flower buds are infused into organic sunflower oil for a full moon cycle then strained and blended with organic shea, cocoa, and mango butters to produce this deeply nourishing, revitalizing, and skin calming balm. Naturally antibacterial + antifungal. Soothe and protect all manner of skin issues with this versatile balm. Lavender is specific for promoting feelings of connectedness, self awareness, and intuition. Utilizing this balm with intention can promote + elevate magical experiences. A beautiful gift to your skin, and your adventures ☼ Keep in a cool place ☼ I collaborated with my sweety who hand made these super lovely dichroic glass cork topped jars. Each one is unique ☼

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We joyfully offer you this opportunity to connect more directly with the healing plants. Each Herbal Bundle comes with an educational information sheet filled with details about each plant and product. Thank you for helping to support the beautiful healing connection with medicinal plants and the creative and nourishing work we do.

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Seven years ago I created a dream come true, and began an Herbal CSA.  It is a genuine delight.  I am nourished and nurtured  by the healing plants that I have been able to play with, and also by the lovely people who have trusted me and supported me in my mission to live a more creatively abundant herbal life!

I have been an Herbalist and Herbal Medicine maker since 1999.  In 2015 I began offering my LoveJoy Herbal CSA.  Each month I was blessed with the opportunity to provide my customers with healing, uplifting, nurturing and delicious herbal remedies, and body care delights. After a year of monthly bundles I switched to a Seasonal offering, and in 2020 I switched to a more sustainable pace of offering Herbal POP UP Bundles as the plants and I are ready.  Thank you for your patience and understanding~ 

 ☼  Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience  ☼ 


There are a very limited number of these

Herbal Pop-Ups  available, so please order ASAP  ☼

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  Thank you to all who have already ordered.  I am delighted and humbled at the supportive response! You are helping to make my dreams come true ♥

♥ My heart is blooming full of gratitude for each and everyone of you ♥

Please note that all herbal knowledge I share is educational in nature.  I do not treat disease or prescribe herbs. The FDA has not evaluated anything I have said. What I share comes from a combination of research, apprenticeship, study and direct experience with the plants.

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